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About Me:

My name is Christine & I'm born an raised, home grown right out of Sheriadn, Wyoming.  I love where I live and all the beauty that surrunds me.  I LOVE to travel & experience other cultrues & ways of life.  Wyoming is a place where oyou will find more cows & horses than people, with just over 500,000 in population.  
Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed about growing up & working in the salon. After I graduated highschool in 1999, I actualy went a different direction in my career.  I did what I thought society wanted from me, married with a house & the white picket fence with 2.5 children. Well I accomplished all but the children, unless dogs coumt. I managed to do all these things while I got my Real Estate license.  I did this for several years but I was not happy. The "American dream" came crashing down...all of it. I gave up my realtor license and decided it was time for me to do what I have been wanting to do my entire life.  So in my early 30's I went to Cosmetology School.  In 2015 I graduated & started working in a salon.  Soon I knew that being single and not having a clientle I need to work in your regular chain salon.  I do not regret those years because I learned alot. I learned how to be a leader & manage 13 stylist's, and I was able to recieve more education.  But I was ready to turn the leaf over & try things on my own.  WOW what a journey! I lLOVE it! I soaked in as much education that I could find.  I was taking the free Redken education classes to start & then I invested in myself & took a nose dive right into the online casses. Soon I became a Redken Specialist and a Redken Certified Haircolorist while also taking other color courses. From the encouragement of others, I soon decided I wanted to help educate and inspire others. I applied for the Redken Artist training program .  Now that I havr finished all the training (in LA and 5th Ave in NYC) I submitted my audtion video and application. now I wait fingers crossed that I can call myself a Redken Artist.​​